Six-word Stories

I have been practising with the book ‘More Five-Minute Writing’ and it’s been an enjoyable experience letting my imagination run wild, and it has even inspired me to consider seriously writing fiction. The book has fun and snappy exercises that get you thinking of ways to start writing a story. One of the exercises involves writing a story in six words about a characters life or your own life, it’s a good way to focus on the power of words. I would definitely recommend trying it out if you are lacking inspiration. Here are mine below, let me know your thoughts and which one is your favourite!

Waiting for the light to shine

Waiter. Kiss. Married. Manager. Michelin Star.

Shirley slipped into the dark hole

Orange or Apples? I must decide

Dante Inferno – is this the end?

Red Letter. Love at first sight.

Desert. Mountains. Love. God. Death. Peace.

Fire escaping from my uneasy soul